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❛❛ Invest in Smiles: Elio Meme Token - Your Ticket to Financial Joy  ❜❜

We're creating a space where fans can connect

Elio Meme isn't bound by borders! We're a vibrant online community spread across the globe, united by our love for Elio and the exciting potential of meme tokens. No matter where you are, you can join the Elio family and participate in our digital world.

Unlock the Power of Fun: Elio Meme on Solana

Elio Meme is more than just a financial asset, it's a global community built around laughter, positivity, and the iconic Elio character! We're creating a space where fans can connect, share their love for Elio, and participate in the exciting world of cryptocurrency, all fueled by Elio's infectious joy.

Elio Meme Token

Start your journey to financial happiness

is more than just an investment, it's also a way to spread happiness and positivity

 is more than just a financial asset

A global community of Elio fans

fun and supportive community of Elio fans

 it's a global community

The financial future of entertainment

potential of Elio meme in the future

Elio Tokenomics

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 Elio

  • Raydium Liquidity: 700,000,000 Elio

  • Founding team: 93,000,000 Elio

  • Community Rewards: 200,000,000 Elio

  • Burn: 7,000,000 Elio

Road Map

  • Target 1 : MarketCap $ 100,000

Airdrop 1 Million​

  • Target 2 : MarketCap $ 1,000,000 ​

Airdrop 10 Million​s​

  • Target 3 : MarketCap $ 10,000,000 

Listing on Exchanges Platform

  • Target 4 : MarketCap $ 100,000,000 

​Welcome to the world of wealth

  • Target 5 : Fly to the Moon

Enjoy with Elio

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